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"Guillinkambi" in Athena from Dastaan World

A few of my writings were published during my post-surgery time when I was struggling to keep up with anything past knee and life! This is one of those.  The Athena Anthology from Dastaan World is a mythology collection with authors from all around the world. My short story "Guillinkambi" was accepted to be part of it. The anthology is available for purchase on Amazon! Just click here to go and buy a digital or print copy!

Two Poems on Impspired, another at Spillwords, and a return to almost-normal!

I tore my ACL at the end of February, right before the world got twisted up in how it worked. It halted almost all of my writing and sidelined me for a while. I don't even have a great story to tell about how I tore my ACL. I took a stair that I knew I shouldn't (it was a high step, like twice or three times the height of a normal stair) stumbled, and the rest is a blur of pain and embarrassment! But I'm post-surgery, healing, and moving forward literally and figuratively!  To that end, I began to slowly start submitting poetry to various places.  Impspired was kind enough to publish two of my poems, "When You Try to Be An Island," and "My Sister is a Bitch" on their digital platform, and both will be in their 5th print issue. You can read them here.   Spillwords has published "The Value of A Hat" this morning. You can read it here.  I hope you enjoy all of them. It's good to get back to semi-normal.