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3 Drabbles, Apocalypse

I'm always happy to work with Black Hare Press. They publish beautiful microfiction anthologies, and I'm always proud to be a part of them. My latest is 3 apocalyptic drabbles, The Farmer, The Wall, and A Sunrise Moment are all part of their Apocalypse Anthology. They are available now on Amazon!

I thought the dark apocalyptic nature was a challenge to write, but I enjoyed doing so anyway. I love stretching my experiences! On a side note, you are not supposed to judge books by their covers, but that doesn't mean you can't admire a good cover. Black Hare Press always has the best covers. They are so awesome.

Five Poems in the "Rejected" Anthology

I'm really excited to share this publication. Not only do I have five poems inside this anthology, and not only is it one with multiple genres (which I think is a treat for people purchasing it, there are so many different things to discover!), but it's a charity anthology.

The editor, Erin Crocker, reached out to small charities for animals (where donations can go very far no matter how much you give) and found the Spay and Neuter Coalition in Georgia. So, they will be getting a donation from the proceeds of this book. It's a fantastic cause, and I adore targeting small organizations that do good things!

I hope you consider buying this anthology and enjoy my poems, Bars, Bursting, Hide, To the Drifting Snow, Because the Thimble Spun. The ebook is currently available for 1.99. If you'd rather, the paperback will be available soon!