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Lost Things, Spillwords

I have many kids and am already disadvantaged by a scattered personality, so we lose things in my house a lot. And each time I see red. Which is why that translated into a poem that I wrote. Spillwords has published that poem here. Hopefully, it's an easy one to relate to. You can vote for these, so if you enjoy this poem, consider clicking 5 stars! I would appreciate it.

"The Bridge," World of Myth

Some stories you write once and fiddle with forever. Shifting commas, adding a sentence, deleting that sentence, and finally shaking your head and submitting it somewhere. "The Bridge" was one of those. It was a story written in a rush and edited slowly. There are some pretty science fiction elements in it, but the heart of the story is the main character finding the seed of what's really important to them in the moment of final analysis. It was a story instigated by a discussion with my husband about story ideas. As many of those stories go, it's much darker than the ones I come up with all on my own! It's been published by "The World of Myth" magazine. You can read it (for free) here . I hope you enjoy it.