Two Poems on Impspired, another at Spillwords, and a return to almost-normal!

I tore my ACL at the end of February, right before the world got twisted up in how it worked. It halted almost all of my writing and sidelined me for a while. I don't even have a great story to tell about how I tore my ACL. I took a stair that I knew I shouldn't (it was a high step, like twice or three times the height of a normal stair) stumbled, and the rest is a blur of pain and embarrassment!

But I'm post-surgery, healing, and moving forward literally and figuratively! 

To that end, I began to slowly start submitting poetry to various places. 

Impspired was kind enough to publish two of my poems, "When You Try to Be An Island," and "My Sister is a Bitch" on their digital platform, and both will be in their 5th print issue. You can read them here. 

Spillwords has published "The Value of A Hat" this morning. You can read it here. 

I hope you enjoy all of them. It's good to get back to semi-normal.