Published Works

Published Works

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Jormungandr, Truancy
Testing the Meal, 42 Anthology
Guillinkambi, Athena


Utopia, Impspired
Disposable Life, Impspired
Let the Opportunities Slip, Impspired
Chasing a Paragon, Impspired
When Oceanus Collects, Oceans
The Dead Can't Warn You, Oceans
Siren, Oceans
On the Hunt, Oceans
Hold Tight the Blade, Jibberwocky
Maggie and the Forbidden ForestPortal, January 2020
Bear Witness, Paradox, January 2020


Talia's Future & 8 Maids A Milking, Year One Dark Moments 
8 Maids A Milking, Dark Moments, December 2019
Bars, Rejected Anthology, December 2019
Bursting, Rejected Anthology, December 2019
To the Drifting Snow, Rejected Anthology, December 2019
Hide, Rejected Anthology, December 2019
Because the Thimble Spun, Rejected Anthology, December 2019
The Farmer, Apocolypse, November 2019
The WallApocolypse, November 2019
A Sunrise MomentApocolypse, November 2019
It's ChristmastimeWorld of Myth, November 2019
There's an App for That, Spillwords, November 2019
When the Veil Slips, Spillwords, October 2019
Competitive Streak, Unraveled, October 2019
Petty Theft, Unraveled, October 2019
Telling Evidence, Unraveled, October 2019
Call Me, Unraveled, October 2019
Calling Card, Unraveled, October 2019
Haiku, Frog Pond Journal, October 2019
Finding Direction, Bewildering Stories, October 2019
Tulip and the Wizard, Gleam, September 2019
Tali's Future, Dark Moments, September 2019
To Save the World, Curses and Cauldrons, August 2019  
Blood Oath, Curses and Cauldrons, August 2019
Wiccan Cleanup Crew, Curses and Cauldrons, August 2019
Hard Choices, Curses and Cauldrons, August 2019
Realms, Poetica, August 2019
Kelpie-A Cryptid Tale, Tempest, August 2019
We Prepare, Gideon Review, July 2019
My To-Do List, Gideon Review, July 2019

Letters to Coffee and Caffeine, my pillars. Spillwords, July 2019
Manifest Destiny, The Planetary Survey Crew, The Beasts of the Land,  Dark Drabbles: WORLDS, June 2019
The Big Bad Wolf, When I Stole Your Boots, Wild Not Feral, The Grass that Grows Between Two Lawns, The Blue Nib June 2019
Dragon Scales, World of Myth May 2019
Wave Hello, Bewildering Stories April 2019
Cyclops Lair, World of Myth April 2019
A Visit to the Zoo, Emerging Writers Science Fiction & Fantasy March 2019
A Plain of Jars, Tiny Spoons: March 2019
Tis an Ill Wind, World of Myth February 2019
A Blank Calendar, Spillwords January 2019


3 Christmas Lunes, River Poets Journal December 2018
Collared, Enigma December 2018
What Lies in the Attic, Pilcrow & Dagger October 2018
In the Glade, Emerging Fiction Writers October 2018
The Tree and Me, Spillwords September 2018
To Grasp a Sunbeam, Cadence July 2018 
Wraiths, Pilcrow & Dagger April/May 2018
Feint of Heart, Academy of the Heart & Mind (1st Fiction Winner) March 2018
Finding Direction, Pilcrow & Dagger February/March 2018



Giraffe Pimp, New Zenith Summer 2016