Very Short Stories #16


#Lunar travel had long been common. The back and forth of the super skyway was a trip most people had made at least once in their life. Anne and Jim were fond of the starry road. But the battalion of foreign spaceships with lasers firing at them was a new twist. 


Sam's boat rocked violently with the ocean current. But he waited faithfully equidistant between the Americas and Africa on the Tropic of #Cancer. That invisible line tied him to their promised reunion. Laura waited, equally patient, at the Tropic of Capricorn. 


Lost in an #amber prison for thousands of years, Scry was surprised to be released when her jail was dissolved by curious scientists. The new people were intensely aware of how different she seemed, but the hidden things stayed that way until it was too late. 


The #equinox had come and gone, and still, the ancient crone had not shared her spell to shelter and strengthen the kingdom.   When the queen's guard went to ask why she cackled and held up a single portrait of a son who had been killed in one of the battles that year. 

The watch tick, tick, ticked a million times as Rita waited, arms stretched out, hoping for his return. She screamed his name once more. He stopped to smell another bush. She thought of the steak #marinating for dinner. Rita was never getting Spot out of the park. 


"I wish to #consume them." 
"You can't just eat your enemies." 
"But they are evil." 
"Exactly, you'll get indigestion." 
"My stomach is strong." 
"You'll crack your teeth on their armor." 
"I have a strong jaw!" 
"Fine, eat them. But you're gonna get a sour tummy." 


We were on the verge being destroyed by the enemy. They were clever and swift. They had metal-tipped claws, and could see in the dark. They ran circles around us. But when you fight mutant cats, all you need are a few #boxes. They sit in those things so fast.