Very Short Stories #15


The fire #dancers come annually. Twirling in robes that spread wide. They throw their magic through the towns, protecting and healing the village from the year's assault, taking only a few newly born magicians with them as payment.


I only eat whole foods. 
I don't like my meal to be #processed beyond recognition. 
What does that have to do with anything? 
Well, these two have both had work done. Do you know what's in silicone? 
Are you trying to ask to switch meals? 
Would you mind? 


The days shorten giving frantic energy to the rise and fall of Sol and I take care to step Not on the whole fallen leaves hoping instead that they will last for a while lining my walks with gold and crimson a river of flame to sweep me away 


We need to get the vital #organ
Oh, the heart? I said the VITAL one. 
The brain? I've already pulled that out. 
Not that one! 
Stop being obscure just tell me which organ we need. 
The skin. 
The SKIN? 
Yes, it's the only one you put #makeup on. 


Titus was known for his dragonlore #acumen. He was an expert in protecting villages from rampages by the beasts during all but their worst seasons. What only Titus knew was that dragons were migratory and visited the villages near him only every few years. 


Traveling #away from her village felt weird to Carrie, but she'd been given no choice. Her spark had come late, so she'd had no training. She glanced at the smoldering slag of a town and resumed her walk forward. There'd be no going back there for anyone. 

#Helium #Chunk

"I've been worried about where my heart is, lately." 
"Are you sucking #helium? You're crazy. You're as sweet as ever." "Oh, that's kind of you to say. But ever since the surgery, I feel like it's missing, without even a #chunk left."