Very Short Stories #14

The invasion began strangely. They threatened to rob us of our #souls, and many fled to the churches to defend them. But the monsters burned down the libraries and then went after all the server farms and bookstores. We were devastated and easy to beat after that. 


So you're going there to protest? Yep. With signs and stuff? No, I don't think that'll work. So, what're you gonna do? Join 'em. What? I'll join the #ministry. Take it down from the inside. You ain't a priest. No, but I have a costume. 


There was no way around it. They could not figure out how the rock people of Planet Iridium processed energy or grew and reproduced, but it was clear that some definitions were going to have to change. They were definitely #alive and angry at the exploratory mission.


I love that poems and bards sing of #eternal love and prance merrily at that notion But until you've waited for your kid to finish breakfast and get their shoes "Eternal" is just decoration


When the scientists said they were going to solve global #warming someone should have asked questions. It was too late, and we all sat around watching the snow snake along icy roads and pile feet high. It would never be #warm again.


Louis struggled to put down the words. Each day felt like a battle to write the histories that hopefully would save his culture from the obscurity that was swiftly coming. He hoped that one day they would be the match to light the #fuse that brought back everything.


It was very hard to live with a #tribe. The one that had raised Mercy had kicked her out when she grew ill. She gained back her strength, and more, after stumbling into a pixie grotto. But she wasn't going to find a new one with the wings that came with the healing.