Very Short Stories #12


The #Empress of the 4th Dynasty of the Greater Galactic Terran People was incensed. Unlimited power was supposed to have perks. But the Empire was under attack from within and without, and everyone expected an answer from her. She just wanted to watch the stars.


The job prospects had #evaporated with the water. The fishermen had long stopped fighting the conservationists about overfishing. It seemed silly to do so when the ocean was too dangerous to sail anyway. The hope that it would be better tomorrow grew dimmer daily.

#Exemplar #BraveWrite

Annie stood on the stage with the crowd before her. She'd risked life and limb for the people of her kingdom. Now they were holding her up as the #exemplar of a citizen. The things she'd done to save everyone were worse, but no one would ever know that.


The plumes of smoke from distant homes welcomed Sam back. No one came to look for him, but he had worked hard to be in all the right places, seen by the right people. He was returning covered in #glory, and these valley people were surely going to see that.

#Odius #BraveWrite

An little-known snake returned to the valley village. The people who remembered crinkled their noses in disgust at his #odious presence. He was vicious and greedy and had been thought gone forever, with none to mourn. Everyone wondered what nonsense brought Sam back.

#SciFiFri #Clones

Everyone knew that #clones weren't stable. They lasted till their 10th #birthday and then went mad, disintegrated from the inside out. But until then they were perfect, with no tells. So, many people waited to marry until they'd known each other for 11 years.


When you ride upcountry the #peaks overwhelm the land they tower eating up the view and drowning out even our conversations What they promise, what they threaten I couldn't tell you But they loom and menace until we get past and leave them in the rear-view mirror


Brutal solar winds had ravished the world leaving those who didn't die floundering as they adjusted to a life made new by the mutations those winds brought. The #renegades were the ones that embraced those changes, accepting their new realities.

#Duality #BraveWrite

School begins and I am of two minds a #duality of emotions that toss my heart betwixt them the summer has been restful and my babies are not getting smaller but the quiet of a schoolday beckons me and gives hope that my thoughts won't always be too quiet to hear