Very Short Stories #11


As a shepherd, Jack's life had revolved around his #flock. He'd tended the lambs and ewes and fought off the beasts that would eat them. Now they were waking him in the middle of the night to chat about kingdom politics, and he just didn't have the heart to ignore them.


The King or #Queen was the titular ruler of the nation, but did very little beyond wave and smile. So when Queen Lena ascended the throne, she was so bored. The only real thing she could do was decorate the castle and pick clothes. Fushia and Lime were such fun colors.


The #cellar was stocked with enough supplies that a family of ten could have lived safely for a year. Joan was excited, but the longer she explored the abandoned space, the more she wondered where such a family could have gone.


The new world was #familiar to Paul as he gazed down from the thermosphere. The shape of the land, the oceans, even the tilted axel. Only the colors of the masses were different. These manufactured planets never really varied.


You have to decide if it's worth it. You mean what I'll #sacrifice? Exactly. What are you willing to lose? Nothing. It doesn't work that way. I will make it.


Planets dangled from her wrist. #Jupiter's red spot winking wickedly at her tablemates. Stars were strung about her neck and glinted from her ears. Nebulas clothed her body in darkness and in her palm, she cupped a handful of moons that she absently plucked at.

#Nurture (#Bravewrite)

The flower was shriveled, withered, and a yellow-gray, which seemed almost a new color of decay. But it had lasted a month longer than the last one. I was learning how to #nurture them, keep them alive. And it was time to dump the pot, refill it, and try again.


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