Very Short Stories #9

#Mood "Big #mood." "What?" "Sigh, weird flex but okay?" "Um?" "Hey, yeet me those candies over here." "Huh?" And that was how I knew I'd gotten too old.

#Iron He'd been threatened into wearing the mystical armor, and then grabbed the enchanted blade. But the witch told him that he'd need the strongest body, too. So he wished for #iron bones, and when it was granted had about 12 seconds to regret his choices.

#Bistro Scott loved the magical world that he'd found. Dragons and unicorns pranced through glens. Mountains were purple in their majesty. He'd made friends with fairies, elves, and dwarves. But he missed his favorite #bistro. No one here could make a good pasta dish.

#Vintage Everything was perfect. #Vintage earrings, timeless clothing, and nondescript hairstyle were prepped.

Genine was ready to travel back to the 20's and finish her research.

The only thing she was missing was a time machine.

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#Midnight The clock struck one. And Alex smiled. She'd missed the #midnight hour when everything was unraveled but had awoken in time watch existence be rewoven. She felt for the threads of eternity, switched some around, and sank back asleep, eager to awaken in a better reality.

The village celebrated the arrival of the adorable jackalope.

Time passed, and the townfolk grew used to her. She was accepted as part of the community.

Which is how the little trickster gained enough trust to deploy her #ruse and pick them all off one by one.

#Empathy "So, I have to care about other people?"
"Well, yes."
"All other people?"
"I mean..."
"Murderers? Rapists? Thieves? Bratty children? Nora?"
"Wait, what's wrong with Nora?"
"Ugh, you know her, she's such an ass, got no #empathy."
"I think we're done for the day."