Very Short Stories #7

It had been a long time since she'd earned her pilot's wings. And she loved to tell people that she'd seen it all. But Sam was stumped when actual gremlins showed up in the engines.
After all, her father had said that he'd killed them all years ago.

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Kyle was sure that he could communicate with the aliens through music. It had long been theorized that it was a universal concept. And for a moment it seemed to work, but his captors used a motif he couldn't get a handle on, and so his plan, and body, fell apart.

#Love #Satsplat I see your picture
shrouded in filter
it is not you
your wrinkles built by life
are gone
your eyes alien
the angle, so carefully chosen
I fall anyway
for your artifice
and open desire to be loved
those things come through
despite the filter
and I love you for it all

A pop sounded, and a fan stopped moving. A whiff of smoke emitted from an overextended outlet.
John sighed. That was the 7th one. He kept them on, pointed away from him, moving his scent out the window and into the wind.

How else were his kind going to find him?

#Century It felt like time hurled to the side and stopped dead in a ditch. The sky dulled and the air grew stale.
Miranda looked nearby and found an unoccupied bench to wait.

Her mother had run into a friend and it'd be at least a century till they stopped chatting.

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Anna tried to ignore her grief so that she could create a phantasm for the royal court. The magic flowed and a river flooded the room as a scene emerged.

The audience was delighted and entertained but left the experience wondering why they felt a lingering sadness.

Floating, Mariel practiced meditation to gain control.

Minutes passed while she tried to open her mind like a lotus flower. When she dared to peak around her, her body had once again left the water and hovered in the cool morning air. She'd have to try again.

Willow was supposed to be like her namesake, strong but flexible, surviving the winds and storms. But after the fae took her family, and after they tried to come after her, she snapped and grew legs and decided to be something that could bite instead.

"I've got a pet for you poppets!"

"Is it a lion?"
"I wanted a baby goat"
"I asked for a snake!"

Rea-the-witch smiled at her children before opening a large box in front of her and letting the chimera cub hopped out.

Bri's hot tears fell to the floor. The table of chattering judges dismissed her with waving hands.

She stayed still, letting the changes come bit by bit. Her naga-form emerged and the human skin was shed. She'd show them lithe.

I've found a meadow to rest in. And in the center of that meadow is a lovely huge circle of red-capped mushrooms. I will step through; maybe the fae will have A place devoid of the vapid and ugly hearts that I'd grown weary of. Wish me luck!