Very Short Stories #10

#Answer We could not have known. He'd been wrong so many times before. He'd become the boy that cried "aliens." He watched the skies, sure that he'd find them. And this time, when we asked what happened to decimate the nation overnight, he was the one with the #answer.


It was supposed to be a #joke. Steal the crown, see the heads of state in a flurry. But since the dawn of the country the crown was what ordained the ruler of the kingdom. So when Jeff successfully snitched it, the kingdom became his. Along with all the royal problems.

#Elsewhere was what Tali told the cabby when she climbed in and he asked where to. #Elsewhere was her only focus. Away from Jane and her new boy Ash. Away from Eric's bitterness. It didn't matter where she went. The cabby was going to see if that was true.


Sharon threw a temper tantrum for the ages. Her hair and limbs flailed about. She stomped her feet and turned her face up as it became beet red. It was #unlikely to persuade her companion to buy any of her direct sales merchandise, but it sure made Sharon feel better.


A new baby in the royal family could only bode well for the king. A sustained bloodline and guaranteed succession of his ancestry. But the fae had been bought off by the much-abused citizens of the country to bring a changeling. A new #regime was coming.


It was just a coincidence. The cave was not a cave, but an unused tunnel. And there was a lone wolf resting within. So Tomas ran into the tunnel to escape the chasing villagers, the wolf ran out as Tomas left out the back. Thus the #mythos of the cave was born.


So I sit here, in this space apart yet within, surrounded by the heaving masses who don't see me. I collect their energy, bit by bit, as they live in the weeping world. When I've got all I can hold, perhaps I will weave a #cosmic quilt to wrap myself in.