Very Short Stories #5

I love the VSS365 and the whole "miniwriting prompt" process so much, that I've doing a few more of the one's that run around Twitter!
#Pockets Receipts for chips and kiwis from the oldest, cough drops from the middle, still fighting a cold, and crackers in the youngest's pants. Meant for later. Crumbled and kinda gross. #Pockets full of them.
The road had been so long. So hard. He'd sacrificed so much. But he'd made it, finished the journey, and was here, at the garden of Olives. It was a good thing too. He #craved the restaurant's bread.
"I have a #question."
"Why is it called chicken-pox if the spots don't look like chickens?"
"That's a great #question. You should ask your teacher in the morning."
"Now, go back to bed, it's 2 in the morning."
"Can I have water first?"
As we reached out
the stars opened their arms wide
grant'ng leave to study (#scifihaiku)
"Hey, I brought the fairy dust."
"Oh, I didn't know you'd be able to get it."
"Yeah, they owed me one; I saved a fae babe last year."
"Wow, that's lucky."
"Not really, first I pushed it out of the fairy circle. It's hard to bank favorites from magical creatures!" (#satsplat)
The pair had been reluctant. They weren't friends, they didn't even like each other. The school was sure they just had to build a bridge between them. It had worked before. Test Day came and they stood in #awe at the failure of the pair. Maybe opposites didn't attract.
He waddles away
but not broken
his wings clipped
only by his mind
A disease
firm but shattered
a rainbow kaleidoscope
in his eyes
keeping his feet
firmly on the ground
and his voice muffled and weak #bardbits