Very Short Stories #4

The battle finished, and the world seemed to stand still. The armies were decimated on both sides. Neither had held their own at the end, and they lay collapsed. From a bird's eye view, the soldier's corpses had fallen in a #teardrop. Sorcery was to blame, but whose?
Me: It walked with a limp, dragging and breathing heavy everywhere it went. It was massive, covered in fur, and so slow. It made noise with every step. The beast seemed #lame, a perfect meal for me. Her: When you're slow, it's easiest to make your prey come to you.
"#Humble is not normal."
"You just want to be able to brag."
"No, no, look. If you're great, you should be able to say it. I mean, it takes a lot of work to be amazing."
"I get that, but aren't the banners and marching band a bit much?"
It snowed again #yesterday. The world was covered again in awfulness.. I think we grew too angry, too resentful about it. Because that glinting powder seems to be forming heaving shapes, with arms and eyes and legs. Oops, there's a knock at my door, be back in a moment.
The day the hole appeared the cones were placed, and tape surrounded the massive opening. For years it sat untouched and largely ignored. But every few days someone would have an #epiphany, and would cross the tape, dive in, and fall all the way to the other side.
The crowd formed around the married couple. The #celebration would go on into the night, until the couple was left alone to begin their lives together. Or rather they should have been alone, but Rojer wouldn't leave them. Couldn't. Not till he did his job.
"Oh this snow, right?"
"Huh? Yeah, crazy."
"Weekend wasn't long enough."
"That game was crazy though."
"I didn't see it."
"Politics, am I right?"
Maybe a funeral wasn't the right place to practice, but whatever. I was still small-talk #champion


  1. Love these! Perfect length to get a lot in a short amount of time. The first one was my favorite


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