Very Short Stories #3


"You've called all the leaders here, in our land's darkest day. Have you found an answer to our problems."

I giggle.

"Why are you laughing? This is a very serious moment!" 

I can't stop laughing enough to tell them that they were summoned at the Manticore's #behest.


"What happened? You're not normally one to #malinger."

"I know. It's just my new patient really makes me want to just quit."

"You're a dentist, how bad could it be?"

"Yeah, but, I'm an animal dentist, and the zoo just got a dragon."


"What did you gather from today's observations?"

"The aliens are interesting. They have no #demotic language, and only speak literally."

"Oh, a perfect set up for 'Truman Show: 2499'! The mix-ups!"

"It tested well with focus groups too, sir."

"Well, let's greenlight it."


"Shifting your #paradigm makes stuff possible."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Take this house. It belonged to that nice family. Shift the #paradigm, see personal property as sin, and it's our duty to take it from them."


"Hand me that arm bone. There's still good meat there. "