Very Short Stories #2

I have found these stories to be great beginnings to my day! They make me think in different ways and switch gears from morning "blaherg" to awake and functioning (along with the coffee...).
"So, I just report what happens?"
"Yep, you're the #rapporteur."
"What if I have an idea?"
"What if I have information that would be useful?"
"Useful? It's a collection of scientists and you"
"Okay, so only if it's important then?"
"Oh my god, I quit."
"Wait for me, darling. We'll see each other again on the #eventide. I will be with you again, my love!"
"Oh for heaven's sake Agnes, we're just going to work."
The town had "dark sky" laws, so their streets were all lit with #downlight instead of normal light polluting lamps.
That made it really easy to see the spaceships and the bright weapons they fired at Earth.

"No, I'm not going drinking again."
"Come on, we never go out anymore."
"You may find it fun to get wasted; I'm old. It's not the same anymore. Getting #munted means a whole day of feeling like death."
"Please, you're only 5 years older than me, you're barely 80."