Letters to Coffee and Caffeine, my pillars; on Spillwords

"The fourth cup of coffee always tastes like ash and despair."

My poem "Letters to Coffee and Caffeine, my pillars" has been published by Spillwords today! This was an epistolary experiment, and I was so thrilled to find a great home for it like Spillwords. Follow the link and enjoy!


  1. I do enjoy coffee also. We have a new coffee shop very near where I volunteer as a librarian, and I can tell it's going to change my habits. All morning at the library, I thought about stopping for a latte' and scone on the way home. I was disappointed that they didn't have scones, but a cornette was tasty too. I'm thinking about my relationship to coffee in terms of your letter now!

    1. A coffee shop near my place of work/volunteering would be a serious motivational tool for breaks and after work!


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